Thursday, 27 March 2014

Rebecca talks Sattwa Skincare

Can you give us a little bit of an overview as to how Sattwa came in to being 

Sattwa originally began as an aromatherapy massage business. From my earliest client dealings, I was aware of a growing interest in locally made skin care which harnessed the potent goodness of essential oils. Sattwa evolved from there. My friends and family love this story – in my previous life I worked in banking – but my passion was always to create and enrich people’s lives. Going from banking to blending helps me do that! 

The very word ‘Sattwa’ defines what I do; it’s a word taken from Sanskrit, the Ancient Indian language, which I learned while attending philosophy classes in 2004. The ancient Indians believed in three energy forces or “Guna” ever present but in varying concentrations. Loosely translated, ‘Sattwa’ means stillness, love, peace, generosity, freedom from disease and good health. Sattwa could be watching the sunrise over a calm ocean for example. The other two forces are ‘Rajas’ (chaos, creativity, you need it for things to happen) and ‘Tamas’ (darkness, lethargy, sickness, you need it to fall asleep at night). 

Naturally I connected with Sattwa and ever since, I’ve been striving to blend the positive properties of the word into magic jars of nature’s goodness, all made here in Lilyfield!

In 2006 when our first child, Jackson was a newborn, I became acutely aware of the ingredients used in baby bath/massage products and sadly found the “natural” nappy rash remedies available just didn’t do the trick. This inspired me to do better and so I applied my knowledge and began blending essential oils into my own shower gels and soothing creams for my family.

Since 2006, the range has expanded and now includes luxurious and potent face creams, eye serum, lip balm, cleansers, shower gels, scrubs, lotions and mists – all this in addition to the kids’ products I was making in the beginning. I’m lucky my husband is creative and clever. He designed the logo which connects my key messages; using 100% pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and plant ingredients for a locally made skincare range which seeks only benefit, not harm.

Your products are based on essential oils and their therapeutic nature. Was it a difficult process to identify which properties would benefit which type of skin care (eg: is there an essential oil that is better suited to say, your face rather than your hands)

Yes! A lot of knowledge is required and the processes can be quite involved. During my aromatherapy massage and regenerative skincare studies, I learned much about the composition of essential oils; which oils blend well together and how different essential oils can benefit different things. The therapeutic qualities of a particular essential oil can have many applications. Importantly, some are considered unsuitable for use on the face or sensitive areas of the body, also on children, the elderly or conditions such as blood pressure, epilepsy or during pregnancy*. 

When creating a product I have a clear vision of its purpose and who might be using it. I apply my knowledge of the essential oil, including its success and use throughout history and combine this with modern research. I select what I believe is the best essential oil for the need working within the recommended guidelines. I love that it also allows for a little creativity – the final product has to smell good too!

*The use of essential oils during pregnancy is a personal choice. If you are concerned, please seek the approval of your medical provider. After the first trimester, many women have found the use of essential oils to be very beneficial.

Australian made and Australian owned! Five incredibly important words that must be shouted from the rooftops at all times. 

How difficult was it for you when you first began at Orange Grove or was it more a case of it’s here, it’s natural AND it’s Aussie so we must buy immediately!

It was a tricky thing! Absolutely, I want people to know that the Sattwa range is lovingly blended with integrity and knowledge and made locally - right here in Lilyfield! 

The customers at Orange Grove Market seem to appreciate this; they are smart, loyal, hard core, healthy, foodies who know what’s good for them. But to answer the question, marketing can be LOUD and no one likes to be shouted at. Essentially, I believe in my products - and so do many others.

As proof, I’m delighted to pour, spray and indulge my products on any willing participant. The best marketing has always been in letting the products speak for themselves – so come and try!

How long is the process from concept to development of each product

Each product is different although development largely depends on the complexity of the recipe including ratios, absorbency, stability, texture and type of packaging. For the first products (Children’s Soothing Cream and Tub Time bubble bath - both inspired by the needs of my family), the process was quick. These products have been tried and tested since 2006 and the recipes have remained unchanged. Newer products are subject to more thorough testing. Today, Sattwa is expanding – but I’m very serious about maintaining integrity and I won’t let a larger output compromise that. I will not apply a Sattwa label to any product until the recipe has reached my expectations. To do that, it needs to be thoroughly tested. Sattwa products are tested on humans, not animals, and I have a dedicated group of product testers whose feedback is invaluable.

I am not a scientist; I’m a Mum who is passionate about nature’s potent goodness. I use my intuition, knowledge and the latest scientific research from carefully selected individuals and industry respected authors. I care deeply about our planet and the footprints we leave and I make environmentally friendly choices in all aspects of the Sattwa production line – including packaging and production.

Can you sum up the world of Sattwa Skincare in 5 words

Yes, I can do it in four... Every BODY Loves Sattwa! 


Indeed they do!  All you have to do is find the heavenly essential oil aroma, the lovely smiling face, and you landed (in our humble opinion) on beautiful natural therapy heaven!

Oh!  And in news just in........Sattwa Skincare was requested and used by the make up team of the Back Track film (with a cast of Adrien Brody and Sam Neil) shot in Callan park and around Sydney over this last summer. The team and cast loved it and have promised Sattwa Skincare a credit in the film, due out Dec 2014/Jan 2015....Woohoo!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Let's Talk Pasties....

Dick Plumb's Cornish Pasty Co.  Can you give us a brief history of how pasties came to play such a pivotal role in your life and when the concept of having a market stall became and reality and why


My family moved from London to Cornwall when I was 2 years old, so I grew up surrounded by the Cornish Pasty culture.  The Cornish people are fiercely proud of their Celtic heritage and the pasty plays a vital role in defining their "independence" from England.

I wanted to start selling Cornish Pasties here in Australia since my very first visit back in 1998, but I had to be patient.  Here we are, 15 years later, and I've made my dream a reality.  I made the decision to leave my corporate job and follow my passion in July last year (2013) and I've never looked back!

We see you are a member of the Cornish Association of NSW, moreover for doing a "Proper Job"!  No mean feat!  What credentials does one need in order to be recognised by this most austere Association and how long did it take you to attain said "ober da"

I approached the Cornish Association of NSW as I wanted to add authenticity to my product.  If I was going to do it, I needed to do it right and there are very poor limitations of this wonderful food item available here - I need to distinguish myself from those immediately, not just relying on taste!

In Europe the Cornish Pasty enjoys geographical protection status which means unless it has the original ingredients of Skirt Steak, Potato, Swede and Onion AND is made in Cornwall then it cannot bear the name "Cornish" pasty.

The President and Secretary (Chris & Joy Dunkerley) came to my stall, took half a dozen away for their ladies to try and the results was a 'YES' to it being an authentic product: Proper Job (Ober Da) as the Cornish say.

They critiqued every aspect of it and although it was mentioned that there were a few aspects that could be improved upon, it did meet all the criteria needed and I was given a thumbs up from everyone on the panel.  It was my first attempt too!  They presented me with my certificate the following week.

Since starting at market, you have literally smashed it out the door which is sensational positive reinforcement for you.  How did you first find us and what is the greatest number of pasties you have sold at one market.

I have always known of Orange Grove Market and indeed the other markets run by OFM and had been in contact with them several months prior to my starting.  Timing is everything I guess, so I had to be patient and work on my product before presenting it to such a cultured food audience.

The most I have every sold at one market to date is 150!

We are guessing there is a secret recipe for these beauties and your dedicated fans attest to their above and beyond taste sensation.  What is it about market life that keeps you grounded.

There really isn't any secret to the humble Cornish Pasty - it just takes the correct ingredients and a whole lot of love to make a delicious one!

I love market life.  It really has a community feel and I and my product have been welcomed with open arms.  I already have a dedicated following of repeat customers from the very young to the very experienced and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for my fledgling company.

How would you sum up the world of Dick Plumb's Cornish Pasty Co. in 5 words

I'll give you just 3 words: 



So if you haven't already, we strongly urge you to wrap your laughing gear around one of these heavenly creatures and when you do....we reckon you might just become enslaved to the world of Dick Plumb's Cornish Pasty!